attached is a ppt of mapped environmental justice indicators from
the EPA. The maps are disturbing and a reminder that North Bellport
bears a disproportionate share of the negative environmental
consequences from decades of government policy. the maps are all the
environmental justice indicators from the EPA’s EJ Screen
(https://ejscreen.epa.gov/mapper/) – it consistently shows North
Bellport ranking in 80-95th percentile NATIONALLY for the following
indicators (which correspond to pages on the map):
1. fine particulate matter
2. ozone
3. NATA [National Air Toxics Assessment] diesel particulate matter in the air
4. NATA cancer risk/cancer risk from inhalation of air toxics
5. NATA respiratory HI/Air Toxic Resipiratory Hazard Index
6. count of vehicles per day at major roads divided by the distance
7. lead paint indicator – percent of housing built before 1960
8. count of National Priorities List/Superfund sites divided by their distance
9. Count of facilities with risk management plans divided by the distance
10. count of transfer, storage, and disposal facilities divided by the distance
11. wastewater discharge indicator – toxicity-weighted
concentration/meter distance.

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